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  • Cascade Knitterati KAL Kit / Gradient A

  • Eweknit & Craft
  • The Knitterati Knit-Along starts March 2018 and will include 16 12" squares every 3 weeks throughout 2018! 16 Top Designers are included in this mystery knit-along with four graduating shades of shades of four different colours creating a gradient theme. Knit contains 20 balls of Cascade's 220 Superwash Merino, including 2 balls of each of the yellows.

    Designer's Included:


    Susan B. Anderson
    Galina Carroll
    Mari Tobita
    Sandi Prosser
    Amy Herzog
    Jacob Seifert
    Jacquelin van Dillen
    Xandy Peters
    Nicky Epstein
    Deb Newton
    Patty Lyons
    Brooke Nico
    Shannon Dunbabin
    Faina Goberstein
    Mari Lynn Patrick
    Cathy Carron

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  • $300.00 CAD

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