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  • Learn to Set-Up a Floor Loom

  • Experience level: beginner 

    Duration: 6 hours (10am-5pm, with a one hour lunch break)

    Instructor: Deborah Livingston-Lowe, of Upper Canada Weaving, is best known for reproductions of 19th century Canadian textiles. Her experience in weaving and antique textile restoration as well as her large knowledge of the history of Canadian textiles brings a beautiful design aesthetic to her work.

    Learn to Set-Up (Dress) a Floor Loom

    Experience level: Beginner

    Duration: 6 hours

    Instructor: Deborah Livingston-Lowe, Upper Canada Weaving

    In this interactive class, participants will learn how to dress a loom.  Dressing the loom is the multi-step process of setting up the loom before weaving takes place.  The first step in dressing the loom is beaming-on.  Beaming-on involves winding the warp onto the back beam of the loom.  The second step is threading the loom to create the woven pattern.  Each thread is brought through a heddle which is fixed to the harnesses.  The harnesses control the lifting of the threads during the weaving process.  The third step is sleying the reed.  The threads are drawn through the reed. This establishes the threads per inch count.  The last step is tying the warp onto the front rod which is attached to the cloth beam.  When all of these steps are completed, the loom is ready for weaving.  Students will weave a few inches to check for threading and sleying accuracy.


    Included in the class fee:

    -each student will set up a four harness floor loom

    -use of heddle/reed hooks

    -an illustrated hand-out summarizing the process of dressing the loom and instructional links

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    10% off Learn to Weave Tartan Shawl Class with registration to Set Up class
    This workshop is non-refundable, but transferable. 
    *Please note that classes are held in our basement classroom which unfortunately may be inaccessible to those with mobility needs. Call ahead to inquire if special arrangements can be made.*



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