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  • Level 2 Tapestry Weaving

  • Level 2 Tapestry Weaving: A two-week class running on Wednesdays from 6-9pm; $125 all yarns included. Tapestry frames will be available for use, and can be purchased for an additional $55 (13" x 9"), or $65 (27" x 19").  Students are welcome to bring their own frames if they own one.

    In this Level 2 course, you will learn interlock, shape creation, and pick and pick techniques on a small frame loom. These techniques will enable you to weave geometric shapes as you create your own one-of-a-kind handwoven piece: a small tapestry (approx. 10" x 14") to hang on your wall.  It is recommended to take the Intro to Tapestry Weaving course first if you have no previous weaving experience. Otherwise, no other experience is required.

    You will learn how to work with multiple colours across the width of your piece, and can select a design provided by the instructor or bring your own design to class. Just make sure it is simple!

    The entire project will be finished within class hours, and we will provide all the equipment for you to use for free. If you decide you'd like to do more, we'll sell you the Ashford weaving frames afterward.



    Jane Alderdice is a weaver and artist who spends fall and winter in Toronto, Ontario, and spring and summer on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  She holds a Bachelor of Design degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design.  She has been weaving for many years and has taught many workshops in drawing, watercolour, and weaving.  She loves to share her love of textiles, art and creating.

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