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  • Exchanging Fire Snap 'n Go Notions Case Starter Kit

  • Eweknit & Craft

    This starter kit is house in the durable Exhanging Fire Snap 'n Go Notions case and comes with six crochet stitch markers, a stitch holder, two darning needles, a cable needle, a pair of point protectors, a ribbon measuring tape, a pair of mini clothespins, and a handmade Exchanging Fire stitch marker.


    The Exchanging Fire Snap 'n Go Notions Case features on one side four small rectangular compartments that are perfect for storing stitch markers, buttons, and all those small knitting notions that are always getting lost. On the other side there are three long compartments that are perfect for holding stitch holders, darning needles, point protectors, safety pins, and other medium sized objects. In between these two sides is a larger compartment which is great for cable needles, tape measures, small scissors or snips, and mini crochet hooks.  


    The Snap 'n Go case is made up of a hard, sturdy outer shell made of heavy plastic.


    The case measures 4.3 in / 11 cm long, 2.7 in / 7 cm wide and 1.6 in / 4 cm deep. 

    Order by 11 am for Next Business Day Delivery within the Toronto area
  • $20.60 CAD

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