• Tombo-dama Glass Sewing Pins
  • Tombo-dama Glass Sewing Pins

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  • Tombo-dama Glass Sewing Pins


    These exquisite sewing pins feature a tombo-dama glass bead on the head. Tombo-dama beads are a Japanese traditional craft, produced in a variety of colors and unique designs by master craftsmen. Tombo-dama literally means "dragonfly's eye" because these beautiful glass beads resemble the mysterious eyes of dragonflies.

    The glassmaking techniques used to craft the beads are a type of millefiori (meaning "thousand flowers") and can be traced back to the Nara period (710-794 A.D.). Trade with Europe and Asia over the centuries also introduced many new techniques and designs to this traditional art. Glass bars are heated in the flame of a burner, carefully shaped and extruded, then attached to the pin. Pins measure approimately 5mm in diameter at the head and are produced lovingly by hand at Kinari Glassworks in Osaka. Each pin is entirely unique with its own distinct charm, like a flower.

    Pins are supple yet durable, and manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production. Rigorous quality control ensures unified thickness and length of pins, and their ability to pierce cloth with ease.

    Each pack contains 3 assorted pins

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