• Twig & Horn Wooden Measuring Tape
  • Twig & Horn Wooden Measuring Tape
  • Twig & Horn Wooden Measuring Tape

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  • Twig & Horn Wooden Measuring Tape

  • As knitters, we are constantly inspired by the quality of the tools we work with. Every choice we make is done with careful consideration: from the type of needles we use, to the way we select our colors, to the joy of running our fingers over the yarn.

    But did you know that a tape measure made of cloth or plastic can stretch and throw off your gauge or sizing?

    Finally, a measuring tape to stand the test of time! Everything about our wooden measuring tape, from the luxurious heft of the solid maple outer shell, to the retractable metal tape that remains straight while you measure, was developed with the knitter in mind. Quality for when you need it most, this measuring tape will become an essential in your knitting tool kit.

    • Tape fully extended measures 39-inches
    • Includes markings for US (inches & feet) and metric (cm & mm)
    • Body measures with a circumference of 1.75" x and a depth of .75"

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