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  1. Drops Andes

    $9.95 CAD

    Drops Andes is a lovely luxorious yarn spun in 35% alpaca and 65% wool. The mix accentuates the softness of the alpaca, and the wool contributes to the garments' shape and stability.    Specifications: Content: 35% alpaca, 65% woolWeight: 100 gLength: 100 yardsGauge: 2.5 stitches per inchSuggested Needles: US 1310/4 (9 mm)

  2. DROPS Air

    $9.95 CAD

    The construction of this yarn is unique, based on the newest yarn technologies, where instead of spinning, the fibres of baby alpaca and merino wool are air blown into a tube, which makes the garments made in this yarn about 30-35% lighter than those made with conventional spun yarns of the same thickness.It is a...

  3. DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk

    $8.99 CAD

    DROPS BabyAlpaca Silk is spun from 3 strands in a combination of the best of two wonderful fibers. The baby alpaca gives it softness, while the mulberry silk gives it strength and a glossy shine. It is great for baby garments, as it is soft against the skin, cooling when hot and warm when cold. Specifications:...

  4. DROPS Nepal

    $4.99 CAD

    Spun from 3 strands, which gives an exciting and rustic stitch definition, DROPS Nepal is an easily knitted/crocheted quality which is also ideal for felting, resulting in garments that have an even and soft surface.DROPS Nepal contains mixed colours, this means the wool is manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it...