• Cohana - Linen Sashiko Kit
  • Cohana - Linen Sashiko Kit
  • Cohana - Linen Sashiko Kit

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  • Cohana - Linen Sashiko Kit


    This is a Sashiko kit made with fine linen woven in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which has a great reputation for its quality as Enshu textiles. Even beginners can easily enjoy Sashiko by simply stitching on the printed lines of the linen cloth.

    Blessed with a mild climate and rich nature, the Enshu area has flourished since the Edo period as one of Japan's three major cotton textile production areas, along with Senshu in Osaka and Mikawa in Aichi. Linen woven by artisans, now few in number, is a precious product that conveys the traditions and techniques of Enshu textiles that have been passed down through generations. The needle passes through the fabric easily, and the texture has rich look and feel that can only be achieved with natural materials.

    The stitch patterns are printed on the linen cloth with special ink that disappears with water. The Japanese traditional pattern"Shippo Tsunagi" is arranged and used for the design on the linen cloth. The overlapping circles symbolize "happiness," "harmony," and "connections." The design is believed to bring good luck.

    In order to enhance the texture of the natural linen, the Sashiko thread is also carefully selected. Sashiko thread is made of cotton dyed with natural plants. Kit includes a handmade tassel with tiny handmade Temari ball charm. The cloth is 50 cm square, which is a size that can be used in various ways depending on your ideas.

    Enjoy life with handmade linens with Cohana.

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