• Emilia & Philomene - Leona

  • "My mother's mother. Emilia's daughter. My grandmother. She made the best sugar pie and had the sweetest arms in the world. At three o'clock, the whole quintuplex was forbidden to make noise; she was taking a nap."

    The softest of murier and mohair silk blends, use alone or in combination with another fiber to give a halo of lightness to any project, you will feel like knitting a cloud. 


    Content: 72% Mohair/28% Murrant silk

    Weight: 50 g

    Length: 420 m / 459 yd

    Recommended Needles: US 000-1.5 (1-2.5 mm)

    Gauge: 7-8 stitches per inch

    Hand wash

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  • $36.00 CAD

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