• Myak - Baby Camel
  • Myak - Baby Camel

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  • Myak - Baby Camel

  • mYak camel fiber comes from north eastern Tibet, in an arid part of the plateau close to the Gobi Desert.

    The camels are tended by Tibetan communities that represent a very interesting mix of Tibetan and Mongolian cultures: they speak Amdo, one of the three main Tibetan dialects and they live in yurts, the typical Mongolian tent.

    Bactrian Camel is a marvelous animal able to thrive in extreme climatic conditions. It’s used to transport family belongings during transhumance and it produces a very rich milk and a gorgeous fiber.

    Camel fiber is warm and very soft, for centuries known as one of the most noble fibers in the world. 

    Content: 100% Baby Camel

    Weight: 50 Grams

    190 yards / 175 metres

    Needles:US 3-5 / 3.25-3.75 MM 

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