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    Free Knitting Patterns from Eweknit showcase the talent and creativity of the Eweknit Team.  And the patterns are 'free' because we believe in giving back to the knitting community in Toronto and beyond that nourishes and sustains us!  The last nine months have been busy: the patterns that follow highlight what we have been working on.

    Bloor scarf

    The Bloor Scarf, knit in Misti Alpaca Chunky in Ember and Lipstick.

    The Bloor Scarf is a free pattern. The soothing rhythm of garter stitch is sure to help ease any stress the holidays bring, and the anticipation of working up to the colour change (or colour changes, if you prefer) is just enough to keep things interesting. Knit at a generous gauge of 5 stitches per inch, this scarf will practically knit itself, making it a perfect gift for a loved one who needs something to help keep them cozy this winter. The pattern is written for Misti Alpaca Chunky, a soft and cozy yarn with excellent drape (just what you want in a scarf). You could amp up the luxury by using Lang Cashmere or speed up the knitting with Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky — of course, when changing yarns, make sure to keep an eye on your gauge and your yardage.

    Find the Bloor Scarf on our website and on Ravelry.

    Holly scarf

    The Holly Scarf in Alpine.

    The Holly Scarf is another deceptively quick knit. Worked in Rowan Cocoon at a very generous gauge of 3.5 stitches per inch, you'll be watching these lace leaves climb off your needles before you know it. Holly is a perfect gift for someone who works in an office and/or commutes on some form of public transit. The lace combined with the cozy yarn make for a scarf that is stylish, warm, but but not so thick and toasty that the wearer will feel stifled. Some other yarn options to try would be a luxurious combination, like holding Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino double with Shibui Silk Cloud, which will soften the details slightly without sacrificing the drape of the fabric, or you could try something a bit lighter, like Blue Sky Alpacas Extra, though you might want to add a repeat of the lace pattern and work it at tighter gauge, which would give the scarf a slightly different look.

    Find the Holly Scarf on our website and on Ravelry.

    Ilsa scarf

    The Ilsa Scarf knit in Handmaiden Fine Yarns in Jacobean Blue.

    At first glance, the Ilsa Scarf seems a little different from the previous two: Knit in Handmaiden Fine Yarns Maidenhair, this is a luxury wrap you (or its lucky recipient) will reach for again and again, all year round. The Ilsa packs a lot of warmth into its lightness, making it a perfect shield against winter winds and office air conditioning alike. Perhaps the best part, though, is how enjoyable the knitting is! The ruched stripes help the wrap keep its shape and serve as little technical palate cleansers in the otherwise simple scarf — perfect picking up and putting down as your fit your knitting time in around the holidays. The Ilsa Scarf would be a fantastic gift, but we suspect you'll have a hard time parting with the finished wrap, so you might want to consider picking up enough yarn to knit yourself one when you're done! Aside from the recommended yarn, Shibui Silk Cloud or ArtYarns Rhapsody Light would be gorgeous. For a denser, slinkier version, Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca-Silk would be divine.

    Find the Ilsa Scarf on our website and on Ravelry.

    Happy knitting!

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