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    There has been a bit of a crochet renaissance lately and we couldn't be happier. Yes, we love to knit, but crocheting is an art near and dear to our hearts, and we're thrilled with how many of you want to learn, or are picking up your hooks again. Part of this resurgence is almost certainly due to the renewed popularity of all things fibre arts, but we think there's something else here: crochet has gone modern. No longer is every garment a patchwork of granny squares (although those, too, have nostalgia value) – crochet has entered the popular conscience as a true method to create modern, beautiful garments, and we are thrilled.

    crochet top

    Anouk by Debbie Bliss, from Simply Crochet. We love the way she stacks simple stitches to create this stunning top. We crocheted ours in Filatura di Crosa Luxury.

    There are lots of wonderful resources for crochet patterns, but the little booklet we're obsessed with at the moment is Simply Crochet by Debbie Bliss. It's filled with the kinds of garments you want to wear, that are very of the moment but not so trendy you won't be able to wear them next year too.

    debbie bliss pattern

    Crochet is incredibly quick, once you get into a rhythm, and that means gorgeous summer pieces aren't far away at all. We love the Art Deco inspiration behind this Debbie Bliss inspiration, and if you've seen Gatsby and are feeling full of Jazz Age vigour, crochet may be the quickest way to feed that fire.


    Have we piqued your interest? We have crochet classes, crochet pattern books and magazines, and all the hooks and yarn to keep you going.

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