• New Yarns from Amano

    Amano Yarns
    Have you heard about the new line of Amano Yarns? These luxurious fair-trade Alpaca blends are the most wonderful yarns to ever hit your needles!

    At Amano, they find their inspiration in the natural resources of the Peruvian Andes. The Andes is not only the land of the alpacas, but it is where they create, develop and produce their yarns with decades of experience and great pride. It is also the homeland of an ancient textile culture with colorful patterns and countless stories woven into each thread!

    We've also brought in many lines:
    Amano Apu, a 100% Imperial Alpaca
    Amano Eco Puna and Amano Puna  are 100% Baby Alpaca
    Amano Ayni, an 80% Baby Alpaca / 20% Silk blend
    Amano Mayu, a 60% Royal Alpaca / 20% Cashmere / 20% Silk blend
    Amano Pacha, a 50% Mulberry Silk / 25% Super Kid Mohair / 25% Wool blend
    Amano Warmi, a 70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Merino Wool blend

    Perhaps the most special of these yarns is the Amano Eco Puna Black. This yarn supports the Yanapaco (Black alpaca) program, which seeks to provide incentives for the production of alpacas with pure black fibre with the purpose of recovering this population. This yarn is the softest of Alpacas, as it is natural, undyed, and pure.


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