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  • Tapestry Weaving: An ancient artform gets a makeover

    tapestry weaving

    Have you tried the latest craze in crafting? Tapestry weaving has been a historically important art form for millennia, but these modern hand woven tapestries are distinctly modern! Using a variety of yarn weights, such as chunky DROPS Eskimo and Corriedale wool roving, these come together super quickly.We love the unique patterns produced by varying yarn colours and weights. Their simplicity and speed make hand woven tapestries a great project for crafters looking to get started in textile arts.

    tapestry weaving

    These were hand woven on the Ashford Weaving Frame, solidly built silver beech hardwood frames that are compact enough to make it a very portable craft, but large enough to weave a tapestry that can have major visual impact. We love them for weaving wall hangings, but their size also makes them great for creating placemats and cushion covers.

    tapestry weaving

    Not sure where to start? Pick up Maryanne Moodie's On The Loom for a guide to modern hand weaving, or join us for an introductory weaving class where an experienced instructor will guide you step-by-step through the process of weaving your first tapestry. Classes include all materials and you'll leave with a finished work of art, ready to hang on your wall.


    tapestry weaving

    This technique isn't limited to tapestry weaving. We're picturing it for pillow covers, coasters, rugs, or small scale for jewelry. Anywhere you'd like a pop of colour and an eye catching accessory, hand weaving can create a great accent.

    tapestry weaving class

    Already a weaving pro? We'd love to see your projects! Share a photo or stop by the shop to show off your work. We love admiring your gorgeous handiwork, and may feature your projects here on the blog or on our Instagram!

    Happy weaving, and until next time,

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