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  • Getting quilty

    Is there anything better than a big blanket to wrap up in when the weather turns cold? Right now we're really excited about quilts. In a fit of perfect timing, we have two brand new, totally different, just-finished quilts and we love them both!

    This baby-sized quilt is very simple in its construction, which is perfect for showing off special fabrics, like this Liberty of London Lauren C and the lovely and subtle Cotton + Steel Kerchief print. Essentially, this quilt is two beautiful pieces of fabric and some batting — a very beginner-friendly formula for your first quilt or your first try at hand-quilting. All the stitching in this quilt was done by hand using Anna Maria Horner pearl cotton thread, which has a subtle shine that helps the stitches pop on the floral print. Hand quilting is a very satisfying and meditative process (not unlike knitting, actually) and it comes with the added benefit of working with the quilt spread out in your lap, which is very cozy!

    Our second quilt is a bit more traditional and definitely still doable for an adventurous beginner (we're working on putting together a template, but if you're inspired right now, Jeni Baker's Triangularity quilt is quite similar). We really love the way the textured colour of the solid colours plays against the prints. In order to keep the focus on the piecing, we quilted this along the triangle lines, which is very subtle on the front and offers some nice symmetry on the back. This is a throw-sized quilt, and we can't wait to curl up under it with knitting at our side.

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