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  • Quick and Easy Baby Dresses

    Warm weather really revs up our desire to sew. The combination of quick projects and light-weight pieces that can still be layered with knits is very appealing, and then, of course, there's the fun of choosing brighter colours and florals. What is about a spring that makes us want to both start and finish everything all at once? In need of some super-quick projects, we always look to projects for the smallest people in our lives: Making things for babies and little kids is immensely satisfying, super quick, and offers a fun way to use prints or colours we might not wear ourselves (though often our opinion on that last point changes once we see them in a finished garment.)

    Adorable! The dress is sewn in Liberty Tana Lawn (Wild Flowers C) and the straps are crocheted in Valdani hand-dyed embroidery thread, with a ribbon backing for stability.


    Last week, we got the urge to whip up a couple of little dresses. These are quite similar in style, with the bodice being the main difference. In the first one we opted to sew the bodice in the same fabric as the skirt and then crochet flowers for the straps (they're backed with ribbon to provide stability). In the second dress, we gathered the skirt to fit the size we wanted and then crocheted he bodice and straps, sewing the two together at the end. Both of these dresses are done in Liberty Tana Lawn, and need just a half-yard each, making them a fantastic way to try out a print you love or use up the end pieces from a larger project.

    Bodice crocheted using Manos del Uruguay Lace. The skirt is Liberty Tana Lawn in Mabelle.

    We whipped these up without any specific pattern, based on the measurements of their intended recipient. For construction details, come in to the shop or send us an email.

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